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Academic Support

There are many people and programs at Illinois State University dedicated to helping you succeed!

University College

As a first-year student, University College is your academic home. Available to assist you academically in a variety of ways during your first year and beyond, University College can help you:

  • Choose a major,
  • Explain academic policies and requirements,
  • Develop good study skills,
  • Learn time-management skills,
  • Explore various university academic opportunities, and
  • Make a smooth transition to college.

Academic Advisement

Your academic advisor will be your guide to selecting courses, making sure you're on track in your major, and more.

Students who have earned 24 or fewer semester hours and all General, Pre-Nursing, and unclassified students are advised in the University College Academic Advisement Center. Freshman Honors students are advised by Honors advisors. Once you have declared a major and have earned 24 or more semester hours, you are advised in your major department or school.

New freshmen meet with an advisor during Preview. New transfer students meet with an advisor while participating in Transfer Day Program.

Julia N. Visor Academic Center

The Julia N. Visor Academic Center is a division of University College that provides assistance to students in their pursuit of academic excellence at Illinois State University. These services include:

  • group tutoring in general education courses,
  • one-on-one writing assistance,
  • workshops designed to enhance student study techniques and academic skills,
  • a computer lab that provides a quiet and supportive environment for study,
  • Adult Learner Services, which provides referral and support programming for non-traditional students.

Student Access and Accommodations

Illinois State University provides a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for individuals with disabilities in the University community. Students receive equal access and opportunity in accomplishing their educational, personal, and professional goals. Student Access and Accommodations Services (SAAS) is the designated office to provide accommodation services for students with a disability or medical/mental health conditions. It is recommended that students contact the office prior to classes starting.

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