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Finalize Your Enrollment

As you complete a year of planning and prepare for your life at Illinois State University, make sure to finalize your admission profile. If you are attending in the fall semester, you must submit your final high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, and college credit/AP scores by July 15th. If you are attending in the spring semester, you must submit your final high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, and college credit/AP scores by November 1st.

Final High School Transcripts

Upon your graduation from high school, we will need an official final high school transcript with your graduation date submitted to our Office of Admissions. Usually, your high school will send that document directly to our office. Once received, we will update your file to reflect your final high school academic status. Your final high school transcript must be received by July 15th.

Please send your transcripts to:

Illinois State University
Office of Admissions
Campus Box 2200
Normal, IL 61790-2200

ACT/SAT Scores

When a student applies and submits his or her official high school transcript, an unofficial copy of the test scores is sometimes included.  These test scores, though unofficial, are used for the initial review of admission.  Yet, the official scores are required in order to accurately report our statistical data to the State of Illinois.  If you requested the official scores to be sent to Illinois State University when you initially took your exam, we should have those scores on file. If not, those test scores must be requested directly from the respective agency. Scores must be received by July 15th.

Please visit either the ACT or SAT web sites to find out how to send your scores.

  • ACT (school code: 1042)
  • SAT (school code: 1319)

College Credit and AP Scores

To submit transcripts from college courses you have taken or for Advanced Placement information, please visit the Earning College Credit section of our site.

Submit Health Records

All students must have a health history and immunization form on file with Student Health Services by the 15th day of classes. If you don’t, you will be charged a $25 fee and you won’t be able to register for courses the next semester.

Your doctor or a public health clinic staff member must certify that you are immune to:

  • tetanus/diphtheria (T/D),
  • measles,
  • mumps, and
  • rubella.
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