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Application Status

Once you have completed your application for admission, you may check your admission status at any time online. To be most competitive for scholarships and to receive your admission decision by December 31, complete your application during the preferred filing period—September 1-November 15. If you apply between November 16 and March 1, you will be notified of a decision by April 1.

Incomplete Application

  • Your application has been received, but not fully processed.
  • You may need to submit some required documents before a decision can be made.

Once your application file is complete, one of the following decisions will be made:


  • You have been admitted to the University, but we need some documentation before your admission is final. Typically, these items include:
    • your final high school transcript showing the graduation date,
    • official ACT/SAT exam scores sent directly from the testing service, and/or
    • completion of high school coursework in which you are currently enrolled.

Wait List

  • Your application is complete and has been reviewed by the Admissions staff, but we are unable to make an admission decision at this time.
  • Although you have presented strong credentials, the admission selection process is very competitive, and it is our policy to admit those students with the strongest academic backgrounds first, as space is available.
  • Throughout the winter and spring, we will assess the availability of space in the freshman class and will continue to review the credentials of students on the Wait List. Our goal is to advise you of a final admission decision no later than May 16.
  • While we may be in a position to offer you admission, your application will be part of an extremely competitive applicant pool and there is no guarantee of admission.

Not Admitted

  • Your application has been received and reviewed, but we are unable to offer you admission to the University.
  • Consider enrolling at a local community college. After one to two years there, apply again for admission to Illinois State as a transfer student.

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