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Classroom Culture

Adjusting to an American university can be difficult for some international students. Depending on what the education system is like in your home country, you may be in for quite a culture shock.

Here are some basic tips for succeeding at Illinois State:

  • Speak up in class. American professors welcome student participation in the classroom. If the professor asks a question, feel free to raise your hand if you know the answer.
  • Don't worry if English is your second language. Professors and students are sensitive to other ability levels. If you feel you need to improve your English skills before starting a degree program, you may want to consider our English Language Institute which offers an Intensive English Program.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand something. Professors are used to students asking for clarification during lectures. Also, all teachers offer "office hours," a time outside regular class meetings to get personal assistance.
  • Ask for help. You are certainly not alone if you need additional assistance to succeed in your classes. The Julia N. Visor Academic Center offers study skills workshops, writing and math assistance, and other tutoring free of charge to all Illinois State students. You may also want to talk with your academic advisor about your course of study.
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