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Course Registration

Before you come to Illinois State, you may review the courses online using our Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog, depending on your level of study. Please note, some courses may not be available to you because they are already full, limited to students in certain majors, or require placement testing or prerequisite coursework. Ask your advisor if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Students

Incoming freshman and undeclared transfer students

An academic advisor will assist you with selecting and registering for courses once you are sure you are coming to Illinois State. If you are an incoming freshman or have earned fewer than 24 college credit hours, have not chosen a major, or were not admitted to your desired major, you are advised by University College Academic Advisement. Email Advising@IllinoisState.edu or call (309) 438-7604 to make an advising appointment, which may be done using the telephone or Skype. Be sure to indicate you are an admitted international student.

More than 24 college credit hours and a declared major

You are advised by your major school or department. Find your department advisor. Contact your departmental advisor to find out about advance registration for international students.

Graduate Students

Contact your school or department for course registration information.

Exchange Students

An academic advisor in the University College Academic Advising will arrange a course schedule for you before you arrive. Please talk to your advisors at home about courses you would like to take here. They may need to approve your choices.

You should also consider your background and level of English fluency when considering classes to take. We try to accommodate students who request certain classes to help them graduate at home; however, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to take every class you request.

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