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Program Conditions

As a student returning to Illinois State via the New Start program, please be aware of the following conditions of the program:

  • Advisement – If you are an undeclared student, you are advised by University College Academic Advisement in Fell Hall 340, (309) 438-7604.  If you have a declared major, contact your major department/school for advisementRefer to your official letter of Admissions to verify your major. 
  • Grade Point Average – Upon your return to Illinois State, your cumulative grade point average will be recalculated using all grades earned from your point of reentry. The New Start option impacts only your cumulative grade point average and does not change your major and/or minor grade point average. Previous credits earned are still applied toward your degree requirements and will be posted on your transcript. Additionally, all grades earned at Illinois State, including those earned prior to New Start admission, will be used in determining eligibility for graduation honors.
  • Major – New Start applicants may be considered for admission directly into a major, if space in the major is available and if all major admission requirements are met at the time of enrollment.  If this criterion is not met, New Start students will be admitted as an Undeclared student. Refer to your official letter of Admissions to verify your major. 
  • Academic Status – As a New Start student, you are on academic probation until you reestablish a cumulative grade point average that is above a 2.0/4.0.  All New Start students are required to participate in Project Success .  If your cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.0/4.0 at any point in your academic future at Illinois State, you will be dismissed from the University.  Please be aware that you may only exercise the New Start option one time.
  • Course Load – As a student on academic probation, it is strongly recommended that you discuss your course load with your academic advisor. Additionally, you are encouraged to consider your ability to balance your course load with other obligations (i.e. work schedule, family, etc.) to ensure your personal academic success. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to enroll in no more than 14 credit hours.
  • Catalog Year – You will follow the Undergraduate Catalog in effect at the time you are returning to the University as a New Start student. You can obtain a copy of the catalog at the Student Service and Referral Center in Moulton Hall Room 107 or review the information online.
  • Graduation Hours – To be eligible for graduation, you must earn at least 30 semester hours at Illinois State University after returning as a New Start student. You will need to discuss graduation requirements with your advisor.
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