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Applying to a Major

Some majors and programs require or recommend certain courses. Many also have minimum GPA requirements. Find your desired program below to learn what the requirements are and if you'll be able to meet them by the time you transfer.

Due to space limitations and the competitiveness of the applicant pool, it may not be possible to offer admission to all qualified applicants. Highest admission priority will be granted to transfer students with the strongest academic records. Earning an associate's degree does not guarantee admission.

As you review program requirements, please note:

  • The required and recommended courses shown for each program are listed by Illinois State University course number and/or title. The coursework equivalents for your school(s) can be found on our transferring credit page.
  • The average admitted profile listed for each program indicates the typical range of students who were admitted to the major, sequence, or program during the last application cycle. The range is intended to give you a better idea of the quality of students recently admitted.
  • You may also download this information in our Transfer/Readmit Major Admission Guide (PDF).
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