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Social Work

Admission is only available for the fall semester. Admission decisions will be released after the February 15 application deadline.

The School of Social Work’s preferred filing period for the fall semester is September 1-February 15. Applying early is encouraged, as the University must limit enrollment due to space at the University and in specific majors/programs. Visit the Office of Admissions to apply today!

Program Requirements

All Social Work majors must formally apply to the School of Social Work to continue to the professional preparation coursework within the program. The application process for continuation is a prerequisite for taking any 200 and 300 level Social Work course. In order to be formally approved for continuance to the professional preparation coursework, students are required to submit their application before enrolling in SWK 223.

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Social Work program, a student must have satisfied the following requirements:

  • At least 30 hours of credit with a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA
  • Completed General Education requirements
  • Grade of C or better in all courses required for the major (including all social work pre-requisites)
  • Successfully completed a minimum of 25 pre-approved clock hours of volunteer or paid work experience (post high school graduation) in a social agency within the last two years. This requirement can be met through a broad range of experiences with populations or individuals experiencing a social problem. The list of appropriate local volunteer opportunities can serve as a guide to volunteer experiences either in Bloomington-Normal or in other communities. Complete the Volunteer Service Hours form.
  • Examples of Bloomington-Normal area social service agencies.
  • Personal essay, addressing specified qualifications
  • Demonstrated suitability for the profession proven through the personal statement. Assessment of suitability is also based on professional standards of practice as specified in the Clinical Social Work and Social Work Practice Act and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics.

Exemptions from the grade point requirement may be made for students who demonstrate potential for academic success in Social Work. Exceptions are granted upon the recommendations of the Social Work Admission Committee and the director or designee of the Social Work program.

Social Work Prerequisites

One social work course:

  • SWK 170 - Introduction to Social Work

One human biology course from the following:

  • BSC 101 - Fundamental Concepts in Biology
  • BSC 145 - Human Biology
  • BSC 170 - Genetics and Society

One statistics course from the following:

  • SOC 275 - Social Statistics
  • ECO/POL/PSY 138 - Social Science Reasoning and Statistics
  • MQM 100 - Statistical Reasoning
  • MAT 150 - Fundamentals of Statistical Reasoning

One sociology course from the following:

  • SOC 106 - Intro to Sociology

Two psychology courses:

  • PSY 110 - Intro to Psychology
  • PSY 350 - Psychopathology

One economics course:

  • ECO 103 - Individual and Social Change

One political science courses:

  • POL 101 or POL 105 or POL 106

One anthropology course:

  • ANT 185 - Fulfills Global Study Requirement

Minimum GPA Requirement


Average Admitted Student Profile

2.58 - 3.18

Required Courses

AA or AS degree or IAI completed and grade of "C" or better in: (for students with 45 earned hours or more)

  • Introduction to Social Work (SWK 170)
  • Statistics (ECO/GEO/POS/PSY 138 or SOC 275 or MQM 100)
  • Human Biology (BSC 101, 145 or 170)

Recommended Courses

  • 25 hours of volunteer or paid experience
  • Foreign language: LAN 112 or higher
  • Bachelor of Science option: Additional Science/Math/Tech course of GenEd or LAN 115 or higher
  • Psychology (PSY 110 or 111)
  • Intro to Sociology (SOC 106)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY 350 or similar)
  • Cultures of the World (ANT 185 or fulfillment of Global Studies)
  • Politics (POL 101, 105 or 106)
  • Individual and Social Choice (ECO 103 or microeconomics or macroeconomics course equivalent)

Sample Plan of Study

Two Year Transfer Sample Plan of Study
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