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Art History

Transfer students who wish to declare their intention to major in Art History must apply and be accepted to Illinois State and must also receive admission into the School of Art. After completing your application to the University, please follow the instructions below to apply to the major in Art History.

Transferring students interested in pursuing Art History should complete the School of Art admissions forms and submit a supporting Statement of Interest following the School of Art guidelines.

Students who have not completed Art 155 and Art 156 (or IAI courses F2 901 and F2 902), earning a grade of B or better, should plan to enroll in those courses as soon as possible. If this requirement has been met at different institution, students should provide evidence (i.e. transcript) of this alongside their Statement of Interest. Once this requirement is met, students may formally declare their major and they will be assigned both a faculty mentor in Art History and a School of Art academic advisor.

Art History Sequence Guidelines

Admission to the Art History sequence in the School of Art requires potential students to have completed Art 155 and Art 156 with grades of B or better, and to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. Art History majors are also required to complete three semesters (12 hours) of one of the following languages: French, German, Italian or Spanish; or demonstrate proficiency at the third semester level or higher. In special circumstances, students may satisfy the Art History language requirement with a language or languages other than the four listed above. In such cases, the language(s) must be appropriate to the student’s plan of study and career goals. Alternate plans of language study must be approved by the Art History faculty in order to receive credit toward the sequence.

To remain in good standing, Art History majors are required to achieve a grade of C or better in all of the courses they take in the School of Art. Students not meeting these requirements will be placed on academic probation; any student placed on probation more than once will be automatically dismissed from the sequence.

Note: The Art History sequence does not require any studio coursework.

Minimum GPA Requirement


Average Admitted Student Profile

3.03 - 3.36

Required Courses


Recommended Courses

  • Survey of Art I and II

Additional Information

Provide a statement of interest in this field.

Sample Plan of Study

Two Year Transfer Sample Plan of Study
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