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Nursing (BSN) - Accelerated

Applications will be accepted between February 1 – April 1 for the following summer entry into the major. This major only admits students during a summer term.

Minimum GPA Requirement


Average Admitted Student Profile

3.30 - 3.55

Required Courses

Grades of "C" or better for the following courses or their equivalents:

  • Fundamentals of Chemistry– CHE 110/112 or 140
  • Statistics –ECO/GEO/POL/PSY 138, MQM 100 or MAT 150
  • Fundamentals of Psychology – PSY 110
  • Lifespan Development Psychology – PSY 213
  • Microbiology and Society– BSC 160
  • Human Physiology and Anatomy I – BSC 181 or KNR 181/183
  • Human Physiology and Anatomy II – BSC 182 or KNR 182/184
  • Nutrition in the Life Span – FCS 102
  • Medical Terminology – HSC105

Recommended Courses


Additional Information

Applicants must have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Art or Science from an accredited college or university prior to summer enrollment (but not at the time of application). Please visit Nursing.IllinoisState.edu for more information.

Sample Plan of Study

Two Year Transfer Sample Plan of Study
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