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Community College Advisors

Illinois State strives to build a closer bond with not only community colleges in the state of Illinois, but across the nation. Here we've provided quick access to some of the most important resources in helping a student decide whether Illinois State is right for them.

Your Transfer Contacts

Sam Rachel Caracci Nicole White
Samantha Meranda
Transfer Coordinator
(309) 438-8345
Rachel Caracci
Associate Director 
(309) 438-5745
Nicole White
Admissions Counselor 
(309) 438-2190 

Form 13


 All Form 13 changes should be emailed to: Articulation@IllinoisState.edu.

Community College Advisor Update

Our Community College Advisor Update provides you with important admission and college updates for your students who wish to transfer to Illinois State.

75-Hour Policy

Illinois State University has implemented a policy that mirrors what many other universities are practicing with students who have not declared a major. This policy has been developed as an effort to service our students more appropriately and encourage degree-seeking status. More information on this policy can be found on the Find Your Major web site.

Fee Waiver Verification

An application will not be processed until the $50 application fee or fee waiver verification is received. The fee or waiver verification must be received by the supporting document deadline for the term for which the student is applying. The fee will not be returned to applicants who are denied admission or applicants who fail to submit the necessary information for an admission decision. Applicants who may be exempt from the application fee include:

  • those who may qualify for an economic hardship waiver,
  • veterans who served on active duty for a minimum of one year,
  • former Illinois State University students returning to the same degree level, and
  • permanent employees and retirees of Illinois State University.

The fee can be waived for students qualifying for economic hardship in one of two ways:

  • Students may submit a copy of their FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) showing their Expected Family Contribution is zero
  • Community college or Financial aid representatives may verify an economic hardship fee waiver using our fee waiver form

These documents can be emailed to Admissions@IllinoisState.edu or faxed to (309) 438-8192.

Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

We encourage transfer students to complete foreign language graduation requirements prior to attending Illinois State University.

College of Arts and Sciences
All graduates pursuing a bachelor of science in the College of Arts and Sciences must satisfy a foreign language requirement that may be met by:

  • Three years of one language in high school.
  • Completion of the second semester (LAN 112) or higher of a college-level foreign language with a grade of C or better.
  • American Sign Language may be used to fulfill this requirement by transfer credit.

Bachelor of Arts
All students pursuing a bachelor of arts in any program will require knowledge of a foreign language as demonstrated by successful completion of three semesters (LAN 115), or a course proficiency test. Completion of three years in high school has no bearing on this requirement.

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