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Transferring Credit

Illinois State accepts a maximum of:

  • 70 semester hours from a two-year institution,  
  • 90 semester hours from a four-year institution, or
  • A combined total of 90 hours from two-year and four-year institutions.

We also accept military credit.

If you earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree from a regionally accredited community college, you will transfer to Illinois State with junior standing and may have all your general education requirements met. Please see A.S. degree note below.

Course Transfer Resources

Our Transfer Guides show you how specific courses transfer to Illinois State from your Illinois community college. Watch our Transfer Guides video tutorial.

iTransfer helps students transferring between colleges and universities in Illinois with general education coursework, known as the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). Watch our iTransfer video tutorial.

Transferology is a nationwide, online evaluation tool to help you find course equivalencies at participating institutions (throughout the U.S.). Watch our Transferology video tutorial.

Please note

  • Illinois State University operates on a semester calendar, so hours taken at an institution following a quarter or other calendar will be converted to semester hours.
  • Transfer credit is evaluated and placed according to the course numbering system from the transfer institution.
  • Credit from a community college is not recognized as senior college level credit.
  • Transfer students begin with a new GPA because only credit hours transfer; grades are not transferable.
  • The Associate of Science degree from an Illinois public community college does not include the following courses: one humanities/fine art and one social and behavioral science. If you would like your Associate of Science degree to complete your general education requirements, we recommend completing these two courses at the community college before you transfer. However, these two courses can also be completed while attending Illinois State.
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